Holistic Hand & Nail Cream

250 ml – R 160

Beautiful, well cared for hands, allow you to express freely and joyfully.

This holistic, natural and healthy hand and nail cream is a luxurious, natural cream lotion designed to moisturise, protect and feed the hardworking skin on the hands. The product contains a natural balance of moisturising and nourishing anti-ageing oils to increase the skin metabolism as well as repair and restore the skin to a healthy state.

Use as a specific treatment for hands and nails.

The cream is ideally suited to the nourishing and repair of the cuticle area, where the shea butter and tea tree oils perform their magic to leave your hands soft, supple and beautifully cared for. Designed to soften and protect the thick epidermal layer on the palms as well as nourish and rejuvenate the elasticity of skin on the back of the hands.