Our Business Philosophy

At DJK Jozi we have a passion for exploring new frontiers in skin health for the whole family.

We enjoy creating earth and human-friendly products that make a positive difference in our world, in the lives of our customers and the environment.

We have an overarching NOBLE CAUSE, which is to create awareness that true beauty is holistic, natural and healthy, while helping our customers gain more knowledge about skin health.

Our highly qualified and skilled Skin Health Scientist focuses on developing skin care products that not only work but are also natural, healthy and environmentally friendly. We recognise that not all skins are the same and that there are instances where a specific skin care treatment has to be developed to suit an individual customer’s needs. So, in addition to our extensive range of skin care products we are excited about our Specially For You range where we design specific products to meet an individual customer’s needs.

Although science is a serious business, our Imagineering Genie brings an element of creative imagination and playfulness into our organisation, as a counter balance to the rigors of science.

Our Network Wiz is not only a marvel at creating and maintaining connections with customers and suppliers, but she also maintains our IT network.

This triad ensures that we maintain a balance, which creates a winning formula not only for us at DJK Jozi Skin Care, but also more importantly for our customers.