Full Product Range

Holistic Make-Up Remover
& Pre-Cleanse

An easy way to ensure a makeup free and pre-cleansed skin, primed for cleansing.

Face Wash

A human and environmental-friendly face wash.

Day Moisturiser

Moisturise, nourish and protect your skin with a unique blend of hydrating natural ingredients that delay the signs of ageing.

Night Moisturiser

Allow nature’s magic to repair and rejuvenate your skin while you sleep.

HA Serum

A gift from nature providing intense hydration for ultra-sensitive and extremely dry skin.

Tissue Oil

A holistic, natural and intensive tissue oil that simply melts into the skin increasing collagen and elastin production.

Face Scrub

Gently exfoliates dead skin cells, revealing a healthy glowing skin.

Face Mask

A purifying and nourishing face mask that assists in restoring the skin’s natural beauty.

Shaving Gel

A versatile, nourishing and soothing shaving gel made for both him and her.

Face Wash

Enhance the natural beauty of your skin by drawing out impurities to produce a flawless skin.

Face Mask

Create a more refined skin by drawing out excess oils and impurities.

Face Wash

A gentle neutral face wash that maintains the natural balance of the skin.

Baby Body Wash
and Shampoo

Start by cleansing the sweet little one.

For baby's allover.

Baby Oil

Keep baby’s skin hydrated and nourished.

Baby Butter

Then protect after bathing and between nappy changes.

Baby Water

And cooling for both mommy and little one.


A superb multi-purpose spritzer that tones, soothes and refreshes.

Young Adult

Clears skin cell infection, heals and soothes – specially designed for young adults.

Sunscreen SPF 30

A natural and healthy sun protection for the whole family.

Arthro-Ease Balm

Brings relief to painful joints and muscles while soothing sore and tired feet.

Kigelia Face Moisturiser

A rich moisturiser containing extracts of Africa’s miracle plants – sometimes called Africa’s fountain of youth.

Kigelia Body Balm

Let the bounty of Africa’s plant riches soothe, heal and rejuvenate your skin.

Hand & Nail Cream

Beautiful, well cared for hands, allow you to express freely and joyfully.

Conditioner (Organic)

Intensive care for all hair types including dry, brittle and frizzy hair. It nourishes, hydrates, softens and shines.

Shampoo (Conditioning)

A natural product that stimulates hair growth, rejuvenates natural colour and hydrates the hair fibre.