Meet Our Team

Tony Knott

Skin Health Scientist

As DJK Jozi’s Skin Health Scientist, I focus on developing skin care products that not only work, but are also natural, healthy and environmentally friendly. My years of experience as an industrial chemist, made me realise that not everything can be standardised and this is particularly applicable in the field of skin care. I recognise that not all skins are the same and that there are instances where a specific skin care treatment has to be developed to suit an individual customer’s need. So, in addition to our standard range of skin care products, I am excited about the bespoke section of our business where we create products ‘Specially for You’  to assist individual customers.

Tony, thank you for developing a specific product for me to relieve the leg cramps that I get at night.  After using your concentrated product for a few days I experienced relief and now, with regular use, the problem is happily under control.

Synthia van Aardt

Jenny Knott

Imagineering Genie

The same balance that our Skin Health Scientist maintains in the development of our skin care products is carried through into all aspects of our business. So, although science is serious business, I bring an element of creative imagination and playfulness into our organisation, as a counter balance to the rigors of science.

I ask the questions: Why not? What if we did it another way? Naturally, it doesn’t always make me very popular, especially when I not only ask the question but want to jump into action straight away. Luckily our scientist’s cautious and scientific mind always ensures that our creativity maintains its excitement while staying grounded in sound principles. This balance creates for us a winning formula. So, here I am … DJK Jozi’s Imagineering Genie.

I will always remember my first introduction to your products.  Your passion and joy came across so strongly when you described what each product could do.  I could actually feel it on my skin before I opened the bottle.  It is now several months later and the difference in my skin is remarkable.

Nicky Dewar

Tazz Porter

Network Wiz

Our Skin Health Scientist takes care of the important scientific aspects, our Imagineering Genie brings creative imagination and fun into the organisation, while I am our Network Wizz, not only a marvel at creating and maintaining connections with customers and suppliers, but also maintaining our IT network and doing exactly what I’m doing here with you – making a connection and bringing things that work, together.

Tazz, just to say thank you for keeping me up to date with your latest products, even though I’m not currently based in South Africa. I will be back in SA shortly and I look forward to buying some baby products for my new grandson.

Henna du Plessis

The DJK Jozi triad ensures that we maintain a balance, which creates for us a winning formula.