DJK Specially For You Range

At DJK we recognise that not all skins are the same and that there are instances where a specific skin care treatment has to be developed to suit an individual customer’s needs.

Not all skin types and conditions can be forced to fit into the standard solutions offered by conventional skin care products. Factors such as allergies, genetic predisposition, nutrition, climate, sun exposure, and specific skin conditions provide areas where personalised and tailored products can be designed for our special customers.

We offer the facility of having a specific product designed and made for your individual skin type or condition. We research the latest trends and treatments for your specific condition and develop a unique product solution for you based on synergistic natural ingredients. Many of our unique products have been born out of research conducted for specific customers.

Today’s modern consumer wants to buy products that are not only effective but also have a positive impact on the world, and the community. Skin care users understand that their products need to provide both an inside and outside solution, by combining nutrition with treatment for specific conditions, whilst promoting and prolonging skin health. There is a growing awareness that skin appearance can be improved by reducing stress, and increasing energy and that ‘wellness’ has become the goal rather than the façade of beauty that we see in fashion magazines.

If you have a specific problem or requirement, please contact us and we will gladly assist.