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The Importance of Pairing Your Shampoo With A Conditioner

To achieve the optimum results from your hair care products it is of vital importance to pair them correctly. The cuticle on our hair fibres will show a tendency to open up and stick out at higher pH whilst at a low pH the cuticles will close up and lie relatively flat. Moisture loss will reduce when the cuticles are closed and lying relatively flat, the hair will feel softer and smoother and the barrier oils will be more [...]

Watch List Of Products To Avoid In Your Personal Care Products & Cosmetics

In the last few years we have all become accustomed to reading the labels on food products and have become acutely aware of certain ingredients that we do not want to ingest, and similarly we should be as vigilant with our personal care products and cosmetics. However it is not as simple as becoming avid ‘label readers’ as a cursory glance at the label on your shampoo, face cream or face wash will leave most people none the wiser as [...]

Common Factors In Skin Ageing & Other Skin Problems

There has been much research directed at finding a cause for skin ageing and more and more research is being conducted in this direction as anti-ageing becomes the ‘Holy Grail’ of the skin care industry. Although much more research still needs to be done there are some interesting facts to be gleaned from the printed research conducted to date. One common denominator in this research is that the skin goes through a stage of inflammation when it undergoes trauma. Some [...]

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